I am Berlynn.
And I am here.

I’m in love. Whoops.

My handsome man and I back in April. We hiked up our college’s famous mountain on his 23 birthday and watched the sunset together. It’s out favorite spot to get away from the world together. It’s also the place where we watched the stars together got hours and told our deepest thoughts. He’s my escape.

I can’t wait to see this wonderful man in 8 weeks! It feels so amazing to be with someone who I feel confident and comfortable around! Never before have I been with someone who I felt I didn’t have to change for, but rather would love and adore me for all that I am and am not. Tanner does that for me in the sweetest way possible; he allows me to be myself and is right there beside me every step of the way. The respect he shows me is ridiculous. There are no pressures, expectations, or frustrations. This man is incredible and I cannot wait to see what our future holds!!!

Five months without this man is going to be difficult…

My heart skipped a beat today.

Hector: So how long have you two known each other?
Michael: About two..three weeks.
Me: Yeah. Three weeks.
Hector: What?! You're lying.
Michael: No. Three weeks.
Hector: Dang. That's amazing. You two have great chemistry.
Michael: *turns to me* I'd say so. What do you think?
Me: I'd have to agree.
Michael: *pulls me in for a tight hug*
Hector: That's awesome you guys. You both look really happy.

I attack Dallin with pictures at the most random times. Last night, he was doing homework and I started taking pictures. At first he pouted, but then he became cute. And then he bit my arm. .-.

I love us.

The theme for my drama banquet tonight was Disney. Naturally I dressed as Minnie Mouse and didn’t tell my boyfriend I was dressing up until I went to his house and surprised him. I think Minnie is his new favorite Disney character.

My love.