I am Berlynn.
And I am here.

My better half.

He’s such a man… Watching The Office while I attempt to get a new Facebook picture of us. And that’s exactly it. It’s the little things and characteristics about him that drive me to be madly in love with him. He annoys me, he pisses me off, he makes me smile, he makes me raise my voice, he makes me laugh, he turns me on, he calms me down and he simply makes my heart beat with the intensity of a thousand suns. No matter what we go through, day by day, I fall asleep more in love with him than I was when I woke up that same morning. We have had great times and horrible times, but we’ve never reached a time were we didn’t want each other. He knows me and all of my struggles and flaws. I know his. Our understanding for  each other is astonishing. Though it may still need work, we strengthen each other and out relationship day by day. I really do love Dallin. And I know that no matter what the future brings, he will always possess a part of me that no other person will. All I know is I’m going to love him with everything I got and strive to make him as happy as he makes me.

I love fall days!